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Where people (re)-connect, 2017

zU-studio architecture amsterdam parenthesis projectzU-studio architecture amsterdam parenthesis project
zU-studio architecture amsterdam parenthesis project 2zU-studio architecture amsterdam parenthesis project 2

Where do we connect with our inner world ?

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Where people (re)-connect

Architecture : zU-studio 
Project Team : Josu Iturrioz, Ane Garmendia,

Javier Zubiria, Beñat Santamaria
Collaborators : Mari Mar Arrieta , Jon Garbizu
Photos & Video : Hugo Iglesias 

Styling : Cabo Rojo & GStar San Sebastian
Production : Bois et Fer  

Parenthesis (  )  is the moment to connect on a deeper level with our inner world . It is an inspiring physical & temporal space to be present , to feel creative , to dream and to calm down and isolate from all the stress accumulated in our current society . We decided to start thinking about the body positions we use in our daily life and we started to imagine in new body positions that will immediately make us feel and connect in new ways in the future .We present our first product , an inclined platform adaptable to different situations , that will help you to breath better and to connect with yourself. 
It is not reclining , it is not lying down , but it is the sum of these two. We call it RE-LYING .
It is basically a reductor of anxiety. It is scientifically proven that body position plays an  important role on the human  body. «Postural medicine» studies the effects of gravity on human body functions and the ability to influence various diseases by changing the body’s  position.

"Relying" implicates antigravity positions which benefit various diseases involving not only the circulatory system but also other systems (respiratory, digestive, osteoarticular etc).As an example,"Relying“ reduces the pressure on the lumbardiscs, improving back pain or sciatica. "Relying“ reduces your heart rate,  improves your venous circulation. "Relying“ provides several medical benefits playing with body positions and the force of gravity.This sculptural element has been designed for different situations : Airports , Museums, Schools , Office Spaces , Cafes , Urban plazas, Stores, Cinemas , trains , plains , …There has always been a special attention to the five senses ( sight , hearing , smell, taste and touch ) which are extremely important in our lives , but taking care and discovering new body positions will generate a very positive impact in our lives . Our invitation to try it is open to everybody  . 
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