Copenhagen-New York-Amsterdam 2021

Image 01 Pavilion zUImage 01 Pavilion zU
Image 02 Pavilion zUImage 02 Pavilion zU
Image 03 sketch Pavilion zUImage 03 sketch Pavilion zU
Image 03 Pavilion zUImage 03 Pavilion zU
Image 04 Pavilion zUImage 04 Pavilion zU

zU-studio´s designed pavilion invites citizens connect with nature while practicing different activities related to mental, physical and spiritual health 


Copenhagen- New York- Amsterdam

Architecture : zU-studio 
Project Team : Javier Zubiria


This projects starts from zU-studio´s interest to build new structures in our cities that can accomodate new programs and can enhance citizens experience new ways of creating, connecting and living inspired.

Could we create a concept that allows people connect with Nature, connect with their bodies and minds, and enhance connections between each other?

Could we combine different activities as a sauna, gym, conference room, …in contact with Nature?

Our idea is to build a pavilion that will be installed in a park or a public plaza , and it will invite people to sport in a totally new way, and will also allow people experience a more spiritual atmosphere.

01 Connection with Nature no matter climate conditions

This new urban giant sculpture is inviting to citizens to work out and practice sports breathing fresh air while being protected from the rain and snow in Winter, and the sun in Summer .

The concept has been thought for cold Cities where Winter time is long and weather conditions are hard like Copenhagen, Amsterdam or Stockholm, but also for warm Cities where summer conditions don´t allow citizens experience these kind of activities outdoors.

02 Promoting a healthy lifestyle in our cities

A circuit is being designed with specialists, where the citizens could complete an intense session in 30 min. 

This urban intervention wants to help people in their physical health as well as the mental health, and there will be events where different professionals will share their knowledge.

03 Creating collective spaces for contemplation, meditation and reflection in quietness

Inside the enormous sculpture, there will be a spiritual space, that will be illuminated through the skylights. 

04 New Spaces for encounter between human beings

The idea is to build a space where people can interact with each other on a new dimension or frequency.

There will be many activities as meditation sessions, yoga classes, talks, concerts, or simply quiet moments shared in a collective.

It is important to build 24 7 buildings in our cities, that are open anytime.

05 We are definetely willing to build buildings and spaces where people can experience eudaimonia, or human fulfillment.