The Student Hotel

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2015

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A hybrid building in continuos interaction with its specific urban context.

The Student Hotel

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2015
30750 m²
Concept Design

Architecture: zU-studio 
Project Team: Javier Zubiria

The new Student Hotel is placed in the iconic former Rabobank office building and is a hybrid condition containing residences, a new concept hotel, shopping and offices. The updated building is opportunely located in the path from the Central train station to the historic heart of the city, where a new pedestrian boulevard and park will be made. This upcoming urban development will inject new life into this route, and complement the lively environment that the Student Hotel provides. 

The building’s transformation is respectful to its original design andstructure, while creating a fresh youngatmosphere to adapt to its new use.

A ground floor addition creates a 24/7 environment adjacent to the new commercial street. 

This new glass volume contains an open ground floor connecting to the public with cafes, contemporary working spaces, spacefor presentations and gatherings, and the lobby of the hotel. It builds adialogue between the building and thecity. The hotel upstairs is structuredin clusters around the stairwell andelevator cores. This allows for anintimate grouping of rooms, while alarge shared kitchen on the secondfloor provides space for collectivity. The new concept kitchen is structured withenough cooking bays for 500 people in addition to refrigerated lockers. This enforces the idea of ensuring energy and activity throughout the building, not just on street level, but through the many stories of playful floor plan.